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Full-fledged employee management software on cloud


Integrated and smart payroll processes with automation


The best-in-industry tools to speed up recruitment


Effective and meaningful digital training processes


Impartial performance and appraisals management


Seamless and value-driving integrations with third party applications


Employee Profiles

Record and get a complete view of each employee’s information along with their work history through CentraHub HCM’s employee profile management system.As a centralized workforce management system, our software ensures that employee profiles are synced across all key systems.

Effortlessly add new employee profiles in bulk with ease and accuracy. Maintain a single database with region-specific filters to navigate through and access specific groups of employees.

HR Forms

CentraHub HCM’s HR forms would solve your worst nightmares related to data collection and storage. The simple yet effective forms could be disseminated to employees across your organization with custom fields to collect relevant, accurate data within shortest possible time.

The HR forms and templates operate as a ready-to-be-deployed tools to collect information by letting the employees fill data in specific fields to ensure accuracy and avoid data duplication.

File Sharing

Are you tired of depending on third-party sites and applications to share important files? File size restrictions and space limitations bothering you every time you share or access a file? Our workforce management system solves this challenge through its effective and easy-to-use employee file sharing tools.

Functioning as a powerful HR file sharing software, it provides provides you with unmatched capabilities to upload files and share them while controlling their access. Save all your files on a single database without concerns of losing them.

Document Management

Digitalize the collection, storage and access of documents through our HR document management software. Define access levels to permit specific users access or edit stored documents. Store the documents on a centralized database, ensuring quick, secure and easy access.

Simply put: we would make sure you don’t have to dive into your email inbox every time you need to view a file!

Employee Database

Deploy the best employee database software with outstanding record management capabilities. With our solution’s self-service model, you could enable the employees to add and edit their information, reducing the load on HR executives.

The employee database stores, manages and tracks all employee data. It contains fields for critical personnel information such as name, age, job title, salary, length of service and more.

Workflow Automation

Struggling to navigate through waves of repetitive tasks? It is time to switch to automation through our workflow automation software. Define custom workflows for core processes and increase productivity.

Streamline cross-departmental communication, automate routine tasks and complete redundant activities with minimal human intervention. Define all aspects for employee workflow management and ensure all operations are carried out seamlessly with transparent reporting.

Employee Benefits

Administer employee benefits through our seamless employee benefits management system built for growing businesses. Assemble the best benefits plans for your employees with tools to compare and select the most desirable options.

Access the leading technology in employee benefits management to simplify processes and eradicate complexities. Provide your employees with a complete coverage, maximize value and increase retention.

Time & Attendance

With CentraHub HCM’s workforce module, employee attendance management would no longer be the complicated, time-consuming affair that involves manual data feeding and multiple corrections. By integrating it with the payroll, our HCM software ensures there are no mismatches or errors in the salary computations in relation to the attendance.

Define multiple shifts and auto sync biometric logins and logouts with the time sheet for real time updates.

Compliance Management

Mitigate risks by proactively managing HR compliance and ensure your company is not exposed to liabilities with the best compliance management software. Our application walks the extra mile in providing you with comprehensive and in-depth reports to monitor and track regional statutory compliance.

Maintain transparent and accurate employee records auto populated by the employees themselves. End the struggle of manually searching for the right report by using the enhanced filters built in our compliance management software.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain a 360-degree view across your organization with CentraHub HCM’s insightful reporting and analytics. This workforce analytics software measures all critical performance areas and KPIs to provide you with an in-depth view of team-specific, department-related and individual performances.

Take strategic and proactive decisions through the employee analytics software’s smart tools to measure complicated parameters.

Self-service Portal

A robust and secure employee self-service portal not only empowers employees with freedom but also improves the communication between them and the management. Reduce dependencies and speed up data collection activities through our mobile-ready ESS.

The employee self-service portal also functions as a self-sustaining tool to keep the employee data up to date. Encourage employees to share the required information and edit it for improved accuracy.

Organisation Chart

Auto-create organizational charts, define multiple roles along with job responsibilities and manage hierarchies with ease. Say goodbye to paperwork and dusty files and migrate to a fully digital HRMS software that increases transparency and accountability.

Our workforce management software would enable you to create custom employee organization charts and digitalize company-wide reporting.

Leave Management

A comprehensive employee leave management system with built-in capabilities to help you manage leave requisitions, approval cycles and leave slabs. Maintain score cards for all employees to monitor their leave balance in real-time.

Minimize leave-related tasks and queries and let managers administer leave requests and approvals. Centralize all leaves’ data and integrate it seamlessly with payroll for accurate computations.

Loan Management

A reliable employee loan management software that builds trust between your organization and employees, the application lets you set reminders related to loan tenures and extensions for hassle-free tracking and monitoring.

The employee loan management system also lets you adjust the salaries with loans, initiate deductions automatically without manual data-feeding. Be assured that you would retain total control over all adjustments and every aspect of loan management.


Build a sustainable and transparent process to manage increments and ensure it is followed through. The employee management system brings robust performance management tools to your fingertips, easing up your burden so that you could focus on strategy.

Use our benefits management software to improve employee retention and minimize the turnover rate.


Employee separation is a sensitive matter which is to be dealt with carefully. The workforce management system ensures there are no hiccups during the separation process and all regulations are met with no awkwardness and dissatisfaction.

Automatically calculate gratuity, arrears, deductions and manage leave settlements. Simplify the asset clearance process and conduct meaningful exit interviews.

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Juan Dorfling

Director, AIES

It is not a difficult system to learn. The quality of training that was provided for staff at head office was good and they now enjoying on the system.

Deborah Gay A. Dayrit

CEO, AZAM Holdings LLC

We also deployed CentraHub HCM to manage our HR operations. Together, with CRM and ERP these systems provide us efficiency and accuracy from within and the end-result is our smooth operations that satisfies our principals and end users.

Alan Sakr

GM, Consent Group

The CentraHub HCM software has given us a centralized view on your business and control everything we do.


Chairman, HADID International Services

We reviewed several products in the market and chose CentraHub because it has the same platform and could be seamlessly integrated with ERP and operations modules.