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Workflow Management Software

Workflows that could be Tailored to your Needs

CentraHub HCM’s workflow automation software equips you with advanced tools and features to create and deploy smart workflows for all operations. These workflows could be customized to suit your business requirements and tailored according to the specific needs of your organization.

Workflow Management Software
automate hr workflows

Automation Driven Processes

Our digital workflow management software has automation at its core. Its automation-driven processes would eliminate manual activities and provide managers and workers with a seamless environment to complete their tasks with minimal disruptions and hassles.

Efficient Workflow makes process easier

Simplified Workflow Creation

  • Choose from 30+ different fields, and collect all types of data through forms
  • Auto-populate entire workflow forms, using logic and validation
  • Visualize the workflow to improve user-friendliness of your software’s interface
Efficient Workflow makes process easier
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Customize without relying on IT Staff

Unlike many other generic workflow systems and software, CentraHub HCM is engineered to enable users with no IT expertise to use and customize the application without any difficulty. Our workflow automation software is loaded with drag & drop features, info-panels and dashboards which could be tailored within minutes to give you the desired interface and output.

Automate Your Workflow for Much More Efficient

Define Standards and SOPs

As one of the top workflow management software, CentraHub HCM also enables you to define specific standards for different workflows and create standard operating procedures (SOPs) to regulate operations and track them on each stage. The standards and SOPs would come into effect automatically for the task or operation they were defined.

Automate Your Workflow for Much More Efficient
Automatic Process creates Productiveness

Improve Organization-Wide Productivity

  • Configure multi-level approvals for increased productivity.
  • Get real-time notifications and updates regarding work status.
  • Schedule tasks, events, conferences, send invitations and reminders
Automate Integrate Workflows

Extensive Integration Capabilities

CentraHub HCM’s project management and workflow software could be easily integrated with other modules within your company’s systems. Integrate the application with IT, Finance, HR, Operations, sales and more to centralize data and maximize the benefits of the software.

Automate Integrate Workflows
Efficient Workflow Management Software

Overcome Challenges and Find Sustainable Solutions to Problems

Our workflow automation software is not limited in its role when it comes to problem solving and finding solutions. You could leverage its various reporting tools and smart features to bring various operational aspects under its umbrella to get 360-degree view and clarity throughout your business.

Secure Workflow Management Software

Centralized and Secure Workflow Software

CentraHub HCM’s workflow management software is a secure application that promises data safety. Its security mechanisms ensure only authorized data access while preventing data breaches. Its centralized database eliminates data duplication and data silos, making data governance easier.

Secure Workflow Management Software
Tracking business process

Comprehensive Reports and Alerts

Do away with manual methods of reporting and monitoring operations. Use CentraHub HCM’s smart dashboard to get instant alerts, notifications and updates regarding work status. You could also generate comprehensive reports in your desired format.

Secure Workflow Management Software

Simplify the Approval Processes for Increased Productivity

The smart tools of CentraHub HCM make the whole process of approval management simple and easy. Increase productivity by defining approval rules that are clear and do not miss any possibility. Ensure all workflows are supported with adequate approval rules that could be customized based on various metrics. Boost employee confidence and pave way for seamless operations.

Secure Workflow Management Software

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