CentraHUB Employee Training Solution

Employee Training Management
Employee Learning Management System

CentraHUB’s Most Effective Learning Management System

Learning Management System of the CentraHUB helps you in imparting efficient, well-organized, well-structured, and comprehensively-planned trainings to the employees on any kinds of topics –from basics to the most complicated topics.

Employee Learning Management System
Learning Management Software Features

Packed with All LMS (Learning Management Software) Features:

The CentraHUB is tremendously user-friendly software, which comes packed with all LMS features.

These Features Include:

All-Powerful and Preeminent Content Builder:

Now development of the online content for the trainings of the employee is not difficult, heavy and burdensome task anymore. With the assistance of the Online Dominant Content Builder, educators or seniors can produce effective learning courses for the New or Existing employees to expand and increase the knowledge of their taskforce.

Increased Gamification in the Software

CentraHUB LMS Software provides features such as points, badges and leaderboards for encouraging and stimulating employees to participate and learn the course basics very vehemently.

Blended Learning Methods:

For employees to learn from workshops, seminars and classrooms and online learning platform, blended learning method is offered which allows the employees to take in and absorb the knowledge in a smoother and convenient manner.

Numerous Spectacular Customization Opportunities Possible
Want to give your platform an exceptional and unique layout?

Within our platform, you will find a great number of customization opportunities, which will allow you to customize the look and feel of the interface in any way you desire – your wish is our command.

Management of the Training Could No More Be This Easier

On our platform, every task of the training is automated saving you from a lot of trouble and extra energies, also allowing you to integrate the website with a third party to manage the tasks in the most productive and effective manner.

Thus, administrators concentrate upon that matter, increasing the value to their work threefold times.

Modern, User-Friendly and Intuitive Design:

Both, learners and administrators, like to use the software because it friendly interface and modern design, allowing both parties a great ease and peace of mind.

Certification Allotment System

We have a merit-based and robust certification system, which offers accreditation to the employees and development to the training programs - the certification system is important as it encourages the employees to earn flying colors and good grades in the trainings, eventually profiting the organization with productive and high-yielding work.

Sharing of Ideas is Ideal for Perfect Learning:

When the ideas are shared, communicated and discussed openly, the knowledge of everyone in the classroom increases. With the help of our Discussion Forums, the employees will learn in a better, cooperative and collaborative environment – necessary for the effective learning.

Learning Online and Offline – On the Go

CentraHUB training solutions can also be used in the app, making all the content available for the employees so that they may learn the essentials of the course on the go.

Enriched and High-Quality Communication Tool

Our Training Solution also serves as an enriched and top notch quality communication tools such as Personal Messages, Discussion forums.

Keep Employees Alert for Tasks

You can keep employees attentive and concentrated upon their work with the help of the calendar that schedules tasks, enhancing the learning experience of the employees to a greater extent.

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