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Employee Learning Management System

Employee Training management software

CentraHub HCM’s employee training and development module assists you in imparting efficient, well-organized, structured, and comprehensively-planned training programs to the employees on all topics –from basics to the most complicated training sessions.

Employee Learning Management System
Learning Management Software Features

Access Advanced LMS (Learning Management Software) Features:

With our user-friendly online employee training software, you would gain access to advanced features such as:

Extensive Content Builder:

With CentraHub HCM’s employee training and development software, the process of building training content would become simplified. By using our application, educators or trainers could produce effective learning courses for the new or existing employees to expand their knowledge and improve their skills.

Gamification Based Learning

CentraHub HCM’s training management software is designed to encourage and stimulate employees in participating in training programs and pushing them to learn the course basics with zeal and enthusiasm.

Blended Learning Methods

The employee training software offers employees with blended learning methods to increase course consumption. Employees can learn from workshops, seminars, regular sessions and online classes, to take in and absorb the knowledge in a smoother and convenient manner.

Customize the LMS to Suit your Needs:
Custom Layout

Customize the layout of the employee training management software and tailor it to suit your requirements. You could control the layout to get your desired look and feel and make it easier to manage.

Third-Party Integrations

Our application allows you to integrate its processes with third-party software to help you save time, automate activities and enhance efficiency. This helps trainers to concentrate on their core tasks instead of spending time on redundant activities.

Modern, User-Friendly and Intuitive Design

This employee training and development software is built with modern tools, keeping in mind the design aesthetics, user-friendliness, making it easily usable and customizable.

Certification Allotment System

We have a robust, merit-based certification system, which offers accreditation to the employees. The certification system is important as it encourages the employees to score high and attain good grades in the training, effectively preparing them for their job roles.

Discussion Forum

The LMS is also equipped with a discussion forum that allows users to share ideas and clarify doubts. This would also increase collaboration and foster a cooperative environment.

Mobile Learning

Empower your employees with mobile learning from our software’s mobile application. Ensure continuity in training to get maximum results.

Integrated Calendar

Keep employees attentive and concentrated upon their work with the integrated calendar that schedules tasks, enhancing their learning experience and preparing them for deadlines.

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