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Efficient Talent Management Solution

Implement our talent management software to:

  • Attract, select, appoint, acquire, pre-board, onboard, develop and retain the high-performing candidates for your organization.
  • Effectively align your organizational goals with the individual goals of the employees through effective social learning and a proficient collaborative environment.
  • Empower your employees by providing them with a holistic view of their performance and enable them to develop their skills to work proficiently.
track talent strategy

Optimize Talent Management Strategy

Organizations have the responsibility not only to develop the talent of their existing employees but also to keep in touch with candidates who fulfill the selection criteria for becoming part of the organization. Use our skills management software to automate tracking and optimizing your plan of action.

track talent strategy
Discover Now!

Get Discovered by Aspirants

Effectively promote your job vacancies to hire talented and highly educated candidates, matching the job specifications and job qualifications with our innovative talent acquisition software. The system also helps you create a detailed job description to enable qualified candidates to understand the job-role better and apply for it.

Take actions with Evidence and Data

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Making decisions on intuitive levels is not always accurate. Information always plays an active role in effective decision making. Our cloud-based talent management software provides evidence and data required to analyze and gain insights into the business process for making better decisions than ever.

Take actions with Evidence and Data
talent management software easier to hr Department

Bring Value to Your HR Department

HR is the most important part of any organization. Its development adds to the overall growth of the organization. Bringing value to your HR department is made easy with our talent management system. The software solution equips your HR department with tools that automate processes and lets your HR team conveniently understand people and manage all talents more proficiently.

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Onboard Skilled Resources

Skilled employees are the lifeblood of any organization. Your entire business thrives on the qualifications and capabilities of your employees to perform their work. Using our talent management software, you are able to identify the exact skill requirements and onboard the closest match possible, thus help your organizations to perform better.

candidate performance tracking
best talent finder

Find and Retain the Best Talents

Talent acquisition involves finding and acquiring skilled human resources for your organizational needs. This is done through a series of processes including, finding, selecting, appointing, onboarding, and retaining talents. CentraHub HCM automates the processes to ensure you have the best employees working towards the development and growth of your organization.

talent management software is simple and easy allowing

Simple and Easy-to-Use System

CentraHub HCM is easily configurable, comprehensive, convenient, engaging and meaningful software that completely automates the HR processes to save time and make them free from human errors.

talent management software is simple and easy allowing
manage recruitment process

Efficiently Manage Recruitment Process

Our talent pool management software is a SaaS-based solution that suits the needs of organizations as well as recruitment agencies. It streamlines the recruitment process and allows them to measure the qualities of the applicants in a highly secured and analytical environment while helping them recruit the best candidates.

talent management software is simple and easy allowing

Arrears – Quick and Error-Free Calculation of Arrears

Easily calculate arrears for retrospective/previous period with automated tools to avoid errors and delays. Generate separate payslips for the arrears’ components as well as bank transfer statements to smoothen the process and ensure transparency.

talent management software is simple and easy allowing
manage recruitment process

Employee Separation – Single, Integrated Framework for Employee Separation Process

Providing a seamless transition during employee separation is a hallmark of a successful business organization. Use CentraHub HCM to automate processes such as return of company property and knowledge transfer to handle separations with the required sensitivity, discretion and speed.

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