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Performance Management Software

Efficient Employee Performance Monitoring Software

Right employee performance monitoring software helps you know, understand, and measure the productivity and efficiency of your team members. It allows managers and leaders to gain complete visibility of employees’ engagement and contribution in the projects for a particular duration to evaluate their performance. They are able to identify high-performing employees and ones who are undervalued, thereby allowing them to take relevant action on time.

performance management software for any business

Suitable for All Organizations

Our performance management software has been carefully designed to meet the demands and structure of all types of organizations, from small to large. It is customizable and allows you to add or remove features for effective catering to the individual needs of businesses from all industries and sectors.

performance management software for any business
employee performance tracking

Enhance Employee Performance Quality

With CentraHub HCM, your managers can create employee goals, keep track of progress, and provide feedback to motivate employees to perform their best. The system allows you to set reminders and notifications to ensure that employees are always guided towards achieving their goals, thus leading to a more productive and efficient workforce.

employee goals tracking

Keep Track Of the Project Goals

Our employee performance management software keeps track of goals and progress for each employee working on the project. The system allows project managers to view updates, status overview, milestones, collaborative platforms for ideas, and one-on-one conversations to ensure the project is delivered without any hiccups, pains and disturbances.

employee goals tracking
employee organization performance goals

Accomplish the Organization Goals

Tracking and accomplishing the organization’s goals is made easy by our advanced employee performance management solution. The system enables individual employees to establish their goals and work towards achieving them. Improved employee performance allows the organization to leap forward and reach the best position in the market.

employee self motivation

Keeps Employees Motivated

Though employee appraisals take place once a year, it becomes difficult for the employers to keep their employees always motivated, enthusiastic and spirited for the work. Our employee performance evaluation software automatically generates 360-degree feedback reports after completion of a predetermined task. This enables employees to know their strengths and shortcomings, which keeps them motivated to perform better.

employee self motivation
best practices business growth

Implementation of the Best-Business-Practices

Using the analytical tool in CentraHub HCM, you can choose the performance management practices across the organization. The software platform allows you to quickly quantify and analyze the impact of the performance management mechanism and determine the best practices for fostering growth and development.

employees capabilities

Provide Performance Feedback

Praise the employees when they are good at their work, guide them when they fail and lead them towards improving their performance with the help of our employee feedback system. The performance management software allows you to keep track of each task performed and mistakes done by the employees. By letting them know their strengths and weaknesses would help them achieve future goals better.

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Organization focuses tracking via performance management tool

Bring Organization-Wide Progress

The excellent functionality of our performance management software assists the managers and supervisors to get things done easily. The system allows them to monitor each stage of the project progress and performance of the employees, thus helping them guide their teams forward in the right direction and bring progress across the organization.

HR efficiency with Performance Management tool

Making HR Department More Efficient

Managing human resources is one of the most challenging tasks to undertake, which makes the HR department an increasingly important part of any organization. The various tools available in performance management software enables the HR team to monitor and control all employees of the organization to perform their best.

HR efficiency with Performance Management tool

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