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Effective Employees Onboarding

Prepare Employees for Onboarding from Day Zero

Our employee onboarding software offers a smooth transition for applicants who have accepted their offer letter during the recruitment process and empowers you with a seamless workflow to onboard them effortlessly. Automate the entire joining process with automated forms, impart the culture of the company, and get the required documentation ready for each employee, including details such as hourly workers, permanent employees, seasonal hires, internees, weekly hires and more.

Effective Employees Onboarding
easy access with onboarding process

Replace Manual Methods with Digital Processes

Do away with manual methods and workflows throughout all the stages of onboarding and replace them with automated and digital processes. These processes would ensure you spend less time in administrative work and more in strategy implementation to ensure better handling of all human resources.

Pre-onboarding and onboarding process

Energize Employees from Day One!

Our employee onboarding system provides you with efficient tools for pre-boarding, with options to impart knowledge, roadmaps, work processes, skill development and more to ensure the employees are energized right from day one. The tools would prove vital in enhancing the skillset of employees and putting them on the path towards expertise in no time.

Pre-onboarding and onboarding process
Make New Employees effortless

Make the New Employees Feel Welcome and Valued

With the help of our HR employee onboarding software, you could make sure all the new employees get a positive vibe right from the moment they start working at your organization. The processes are engineered in such a way that they would induce a sense of belonging among the new employees and make them feel welcome.

Centralized Reporting System

Centralized Reporting System

Ensure that all the objectives of the organization are met by mapping each employee in a centralized reporting system. With the advanced reporting tools of our employee onboarding software, you could define workflows and customize them to suit the unique methodologies of your organization.

Centralized Reporting System
Pre-Board with Convenience at Large Scale

Effortless and Simplified Large-Scale Onboarding

Onboard a huge number of employees without disruptions in daily operations. The user-friendly features of our applicant tracking and onboarding system would help you monitor the progress of each new hire, track task completion and keep an eye on various other user-defined metrics.

Automate newjoining employee process

Go Paperless and Initiate Digital Transformation

CentraHub HCM’s employee onboarding software would help you initiate digital transformation throughout your organization. Go paperless and digitize all documentation including forms, company policy guidelines and more. With paperless onboarding, you would be contributing to the fight against climate change and helping protect the environment.

Automate newjoining employee process
Employees Productive

Enhance Employee Productivity

Enhance employee productivity by equipping your workforce with seamless processes and clear goals. Communicate effectively on all levels to ensure the workforce is apprised of company objectives and strategy, making it easier for all staff to work as a team towards a common goal.

Customizable Workflows and Create Work Processes

Get Customizable Workflows and Create Work Processes

Define workflows and assign checklists so that employees have clarity regarding tasks and processes. Generate email addresses, handle seat allocations, distribution of employee equipment and other similar onboarding activities so that organizational goals are achieved seamlessly.

Customizable Workflows and Create Work Processes
employee advanced filters

Use Filters for Easy and Quick Reporting

By using the filters tool of our employee onboarding software, you could effectively view the work progress on each new hire’s profile and track their progress. The filters would provide you with information such as employees with pending tasks that are past the due date and more.

custom onboarding portal

Define a Comprehensive Onboarding Strategy

Prepare a strategic plan of action with our New Hire Portal where HR Professionals, Managers and CEOs could help new employees in getting assimilated, fully aware and acquainted with the principles, culture and work environment of the company.

custom onboarding portal
employee team-management

Facilitate Teamwork and Boost Productivity

Increase inter-company socializing to improve teamwork with our employee onboarding buddy system. Provide employees with a platform where you could introduce your team to each other before they start working to increase interpersonal relationships and task delegation on our Employee Onboarding Portal.

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