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Workforce Management in your Pocket!

Use the exceptional mobile-ready features of CentraHub HCM to manage the workforce on the go. Install the employee scheduling app that schedules, tracks and maintains records of the tasks delegated to the employees in real time.

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Break Free of your Desk!Break Free of your Desk!

By bringing you all the functionalities of the HR mobile app for employees, CentraHub HCM frees you from your desk and enables you to work from anywhere, anytime. Whether its approving workflows or monitoring task status, you could do everything from CentraHub HCM mobile!

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Streamline Operations and Avoid Delays

With our employee scheduling app, you would spend less time in handling administrative issues and more on implementation and strategy. The real-time updates would help you keep an eye on task completion and help you take immediate actions as required.

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Time-Save for Managers

Take Decisions on-the-go!

  • Approve the time-off, swap or drop requests online through the application
  • Edit any existing schedule; apprise the employees of change with one message
  • Easily manage shift replacements without affecting deadlines
  • Use the Work Chat feature to communicate with employees

View Shift Reports on Your Mobile

Whether you track each employee and their individual shifts or monitor the overall availability of workforce, CentraHub HCM mobile provides you with smart tools to view the logins and attendance of all employees with ease.

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Don’t Miss out on Any Customer Service Requests

The mobile app also empowers you to take quick and remedial steps regarding service requests from customers. You could assign service tasks to on-field agents, monitor work status and confirm completion, all from the mobile application.

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Prepare and Send Work Schedules to Employees

You no longer need to login from your computer to prepare work schedules for your employees. Our employee scheduling app would assist you in preparing and sending detailed schedules to employees through emails or instant messages

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Delegation of Work was never This Easy

Use the Mobile App for Quick Delegation of Work

Our online employee scheduling app makes it easier for you to delegate tasks with details such as shifts, deadlines and other details. Use the group chat functionality within the app to explain the nature of the work to employees, all while using your mobile device.

Makes Things Easy for the Employees

Makes Things Easier for Employees

  • Provide 24/7 access to relevant data
  • Provide options to mark availability for shifts
  • Enable shift trade between employees
  • Enable quick approvals for tasks
Makes Things Easy for the Employees
Delegation of Work was never This Easy

Comprehensive and Insightful Reporting

By providing employees with options to manage reporting responsibilities through their mobile device, you would increase the retention and satisfaction rate significantly. It would also result in speedy processes and on-time completion of tasks.

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