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Creating, Scheduling and Maintaining Apps for iPhone and Android

Avail our exceptional, extraordinary and reliable software for creating a mobile app, which schedules, tracks and maintains records the tasks provided to the employees through effective and efficient iPhone and Android apps.

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Stop Pulling Your Day Out of Quagmires: Work More Efficiently, Conveniently and Effectively

Stop spending most of your time during the day behind your desk in your office – whew!

In spite of chaining yourself to the desk whenever customers and employees need you, work more efficiently by detailing workflow on the android mobile phones once and free yourself of ‘struggling through quagmire’ days.

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Quicker, Easier and Smoother for Everyone!

With mobile scheduling app, you spend less time behind the task and more time upon concentrating the tasks that need your attention direly, promoting and profiting company largely – by making things quicker, easier and smoother for everyone, from the office boy to the officers.

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Time-Save for Managers

Time-Saver, Excellent and Superb for Managers

  • Approve the Time-Off Request Online Through Apps
  • Undergo and Swap and Drop Requests, Moderating them Online
  • Edit the Existing Schedule; Apprise the Employees of Change with One Message
  • Easily conduct shift replacements, find them and work efficiently
  • Make the Time-Off Request in an Un-embarrassing and Un-Taunting Environment
  • With the help of WorkChat, communicate, contact or remain in touch with all employees

Keep Record of All the Workers’

So, now keep a record of who is coming to the office, who has taken time-off requests, who is performing well, who file for shifts, who is hardworking, who is not hardworking – keep record of all the workers on the mobile app.

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Provide Your Services Effectively to Customers, Not the Back Office Desk

Don’t just sit into the back office, effectively provide your services to your customers and taking services from the employees by adding a new job, filling in shifts online, assigning projects and more on the Mobile apps.

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Send the Schedule to the Employees through Text, Email or Instant Message

With the help of the mobile app, send the schedule directly to the employees, send an alteration made in the schedules and such alert messages, putting schedule into their screens effectively through emails, messages or instant messages.

Messages open rate is recorded 99% - employees love it too!

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Delegation of Work was never This Easy

Delegation of Work was never This Easy

Telling the employees about their shifts, their tasks, your expectations and the work required of them is easier, more effective and the most efficient now.

Increase Productivity of your Workforce Conveniently, create the 1:1 and group chats on the app for discussion on a project or any other matter.

Makes Things Easy for the Employees

Makes Things Easy for the Employees

  • Gives Access to the Company 24/7
  • Requesting Shift Trades Is Never a Difficult Task Now
  • Apprise the Managers about Your Availability for Shifts
  • Mobiles have said to increase the efficiency, productiveness and usefulness of the workers to a greater extent than ever – harnessing their efforts, expertise and skills to the right direction, generating greater revenue of the company, raising profits and good reputation of the company in the market.
Makes Things Easy for the Employees

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