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employee bonus calculation

Automated Bonus Calculation

Automate the calculation of bonuses based to increase employee productivity and retention. With CentraHub HCM’s payroll software, you could define various metrics for bonus calculation such as mapping employee’s efforts, tasks completed, deadlines met and more. The automated calculation would also help you be transparent in the bonus allocation process while making it easy and simple.

loan management features

Features of the Loan Management Software

CentraHub HCM’s employee loan management system consists of an array of advanced features and tools with which you could:

  • Schedule amortization
  • Manage employee database
  • Store and manage contacts
  • Handle pipelines
  • Online management of all aspects of loans
  • Manage customer statements
  • Manage credit reporting
  • Manage documents
  • Handle client reporting
  • Manage loan servicing
  • Manage government loans
loan management features
employee loan accounts maintenance

Account Based employee loan management system

  • Calculation of loan amount payable by the employee
  • Records of loans’ interest with outstanding loan
  • Recovering the loan instalment from the monthly salary
  • Entire History of the Loan and Employee’s Payable and Paid Amounts
Tracking Loan Management Tool

Track Loans with Other Financial Transactions

By enabling you to integrate loans and payroll software with advance salary computations, CentraHub HCM helps you track loans of each employee through automated reports. You could also use its integration capabilities to adjust loans based on third party disbursements.

Tracking Loan Management Tool
Loan Ledger System

Digital Loan Ledger and Bonus Pay Slips

Maintain a digital loan ledger with details regarding amounts payable from different employees. Process payroll details, get balance summary and generate monthly recovery report with the digital ledger. The loan management software would also generate bonus pay slips which are usually not included in the normal pay slips.

employee bonus pay-slips

Centralized Loan Account Management and Adjustment

With our loan management software, you could automate the periodic loan adjustment instead of getting it done manually. CentraHub HCM also takes care of all accounting processes for the liability account, prepares reports, deducting loan from the salary on monthly basis, providing you with 100% accurate monthly salary balance reports.

employee bonus pay-slips
Loan Adjustments with CentraHUB Loan Management tool

Loan Adjustments with CentraHub Loan Management

Loans may be required to be adjusted on a daily basis by the HR. However, with CentraHub HCM HR professionals may not have to spend their extra energies into adjustments of the loans. Now, adjust the loan with ease, whether it is EMI calculations or loan adjustments.

employee loans modifications

Modify Loans without Worrying about Accuracy

With CentraHub HCM’s loan management software, you could modify loans with ease and simplicity. The modification would get reflected across all accounts in real-time, eliminating the cumbersome process of manually checking each account to ensure accuracy.

employee loans modifications

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