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Employee loan management
Tracking Employee benefits

Tracking Employees Bonuses, Loans and Advances with Efficiency and Efficacy

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Tracking Employee benefits
employee bonus calculation

Bonus Calculation an Easier Task

Bonuses are allotted to the employees at a higher rate when the organization is heading towards an objective, accomplishing all the objectives constantly – so employees must be rewarded along the way, encouraging their efforts, stimulating their minds and inspiring the hearts of the employees for further hard work.

Now, allot the bonuses to the entitled employees in an automated and easier manner for chosen salary heads, with convenience and simplicity.

loan management features

Features of the Loan Modification Management System

Our CentraHUB Loan Modification Management System consists of following features:

  • Schedule of the Amortization
  • Employee Database Comprehensively Included
  • Contact Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Electronic Application for Loan Management
  • Customer Statements
  • Credit Reporting
  • Document Management
  • Client Reporting
  • Loan Servicing
  • Government Loans
loan management features
employee loan accounts maintenance

Effective Maintenance of the Loan Accounts of the Employee

  • Payment of the Loan Amounts payable or to be paid to the employee
  • Records of loans’ interest with outstanding loan
  • Recovering the loan installment from the monthly salary
  • Entire History of the Loan and Employee’s Payable and Paid Amounts
Tracking Loan Management Tool

Tracking of the Loan through our Comprehensive Loan Management Tool

With our Loan Management tool, you will not only be able to track the Loan of the employees but also be able to track employee loans with the help of Third Party Disbursement.

Tracking Loan Management Tool
Loan Ledger System

Loan Ledger System

Now, you will need to account all the money loaned to the employees at the end of the month – a very critical point to the process of the payroll. This is why; our Loan Management Software will prepare the final report for you producing Balance Summary and Monthly Recovery Report.

employee bonus pay-slips

Bonus Pay Slips

Generally, the bonus pay slips are not included in the pay slips. For the sake of managing this aspect, you can effectively use the Loan Management Software to track and print the bonus pay slips given out to the employees.

employee bonus pay-slips
Loan Adjustments with CentraHUB Loan Management tool

Loan Adjustments with CentraHUB Loan Management

Loans may be adjusted on a daily basis by the HR – being a tough repeated task performed by the HR Professionals. Now, HR Professionals may not have to spend their extra energies into adjustments of the loans. Now, adjust the loan with ease, no matter it is EMI Calculation or Loan Adjustments.

loan accounts management

Get All Loan’s Accounting Done by Loan Management Software

The Loan Management Software does all the accounting on the liability account, and prepares your reports, deducting loan from the salary on monthly basis, providing you with 100% accurate monthly salary balance reports.

loan accounts management
employee loans modifications

Loan Modification: Made the Most Convenient and Accurate

Now, loan modification is not a burdensome task, making the department free of finding sheets and modifying the loans. Modify the loans in an automated manner with the help of the CentraHUB Loan Management System – most convenient and 100% accurate loan modification system offered by our Loan Management system.

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