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Leave Management Software updates

Complete Leave Management Solution

Get insights into your available workforce and allocate tasks with our leave management software. The helps you to:

  • Get happy clients who are assured about your scheduling and time credibility
  • Manage employee spreadsheets and work hours with 100% accuracy
  • Schedule tasks to utilize work hours most efficiently
  • Regularize the attendance in an effective manner
Leave Management Software updates
streamline leave process

Streamline Leave Management

Effective leave management leads to efficient work allocation across all departments. Streamlining the absence and leave management process allows your employees to view tasks they need to complete to avail their leaves. It also shows their paid leave balance. Awareness about employees’ leave also empowers managers to schedule shifts having 100% attendance by getting a replacement for the absent employee.

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Regularize Employee Attendance

Employee retaining is a critical aspect, but when an employee displays a lax attitude towards work, you should be notified about it so that you could take the necessary action.

Our online leave management system allows you to easily track your team's leave information and details of days they took off through dedicated reports. This information would help you replace employees who have repeated, unplanned absence with candidates having a good track record.

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Warn Employees about Excessive Leaves

Frequent and too many leaves taken can cause obstructions and impediments towards attaining your organizational goals, which may prevent you from achieving business milestones. With CentraHub HCM’s attendance and leave management tool, you would be able to keep track of the number of leaves your employees have availed and warn them if they cross the allowed threshold.

Automate the Worksheets

Automate and Modernize Worksheet Management

Our integrated employee leave management system automatically keeps records of staff’s availability. This helps your department managers to stay informed about employees who are available and on leave. Thus, allowing them to plan and allocate activities based on the currently available workforce or get appropriate replacements.

Automate the Worksheets
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Generate Insightful and Detailed Reports

Enjoy the power of informed decisions with the help of accurate data and evidence from the reports. In CentraHub HCM, all information regarding late/early arrivals, paid/unpaid leaves, scheduled/unscheduled overtime, and so on are effectively recorded to help you understand the attendance and leave patterns of your employees and utilize their working hours most effectively.

Automate the Worksheets

Reward the Employees

Rewards always motivate employees to perform better. Use our HR leave management software to identify the employees with the highest attendance and reward them for encouraging all other staff to remain present in their scheduled hours and work towards attaining the organizational goals, objectives, and deadlines.

Automate the Worksheets

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