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Automate HR Workflow Processes

Automate HR Workflow Processes

Deploy automated digital HR forms powered by CentraHub HCM to streamline workflows. Create new forms, use existing HR form templates, or customize them to get the desired output.

Automate HR Workflow Processes
More Effective and Efficient HR Now

End Manual Paper Hunts

Establish and create seamless digital workflows, simplifying internal requests and reviews with CentraHub HCM. End your reliance on long emails, impromptu meetings, wild goose chases of paper documents. Just open the forms and templates to get started with your important tasks.

automate with hr forms and templates

Scope of CentraHub HCM’s HR Forms and Templates

CentraHub HCM is pre-loaded with hundreds of HR forms and templates that cover all the major aspects of HR management. Some of them are:

  • Job Application Forms
  • Employee Performance Appraisal Forms
  • Recruitment Forms with Templates
  • Vacation Request Forms with Templates
  • Time and Attendance Forms with Templates
  • Employment Contract Forms
  • 30-Day Employee Feedback and Review Forms with Templates
  • 90-Day Employee Review Forms with Templates
  • Background Check Forms
  • Candidate Experience Survey Forms with Templates
  • Complaint Registration Forms with Templates
  • Survey Forms with Templates
  • Candidate Interview Evaluation Forms
  • Department Survey Forms
  • Emergency Contact Forms
  • Employee Contract Forms with Templates
  • Disciplinary Action Forms
  • Employee Satisfaction Forms with Templates
automate with hr forms and templates
why hr forms and templates

Benefits of Adopting HR Forms

Adopting the usage of forms in HR and administrative processes would provide you with many benefits and advantages. Some of them are:

  • Easy and quick customizations
  • Faster deployment and responses
  • Enhanced reporting tools
  • Smooth integration of HR Forms with existing data sources
  • Modification of existing data as required
HR Forms for Every Business

HR Forms for Business of All Sizes

The HR forms could be customized to suit the workforce of companies of all sizes. You could monitor long term goals, short term plans, and always keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce.

HR Forms for Every Business
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Take Advantage of the User-Friendly UI and Maximize Productivity

The easy-to-use HR forms provide you with vast opportunities to take valuable feedback from employees, execute inter-company campaigns and make processes more transparent.

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