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Employee Performance and Retention

Improve Employee Performance and Retention

Use the insights generated by CentraHub HCM’s software for HR analytics and identify areas that need improvement. Increase employee retention and performance by maximizing on activities that induce promising results. Make changes in workflows based on data and take actions to streamline operations

Employee Performance and Retention
feedback collection from Job Applicants

Collect Feedback from the Job Applicants

CentraHub HCM’s software for HR analytics enables you to collect feedback from job applicants to give you a complete picture as to how your recruitment process works. By processing this data, the application would measure the effectiveness of your methods and assist you in overcoming challenges.

track employee work behaviour with HR Analytics

Predictive Analytics to Drive Change

Prepare your organization for the future with the help of CentraHub HCM’s predictive analytics. Based on the current data, the application would generate smart scenarios and provide you with insights that could be used to pre-emptively act before a challenge arises and make the right moves against possible future problems.

track employee work behaviour with HR Analytics
Improve the Recruitment Process with HR Analytics

Monitor Employee Trends and Mass Behavior

Our software for HR analytics aids in monitoring employee trends and mass behavior. This makes it easier for the management to implement policies and frameworks that would improve productivity and reward efficiency.

Predict Future Needs of Organization with the Help of HR Analytics

Improve and Automate the Recruitment Processes

Integrate the Recruitment Software with the HR Analytics to get better insights. Formulate and define job specifications, requirements and qualifications. Use these metrics to screen applications pick those who fulfil the criteria.

Predict Future Needs of Organization with the Help of HR Analytics
User-Friendly Navigation for hr analysis

User-Friendly Navigation and Customizable Dashboard

The customizable dashboard of our HR analytics software would put you in control of every activity within the organization. Customize the dashboard with the desired info-panels that would provide you with real-time updates. The Application is designed to provide you with easy navigation across all its functions so you could get the most out of it.

Eliminate Your Dependence on Excel Sheet HR Analytics

End Your Dependence on Manual Processes

If you are still working on spreadsheets and other manual methods to churn numbers and analyze various aspects of human resource, you are wasting valuable manhours and resources. Adopt the smart tools of our HR analytics and performance appraisal system to modernize processes and keep an eye on all aspects of HR effortlessly.

Eliminate Your Dependence on Excel Sheet HR Analytics
Comprehensive Surveys on Employee perfromances via HR Analytics

Conduct Effective Employee Surveys

Stay in touch with your workforce regardless of their size and geographical distance by planning, preparing and conducting powerful surveys. These surveys, powered by CentraHub’s HR analytics software, would help you gauge employee outlook, their current work situation and more, enabling you to put in place better processes and workflows to facilitate productivity.

Using HR Analytics as PayScale

Use HR Analytics as Pay Scale

The HR analytics software is capable of processing all employee data such as workflows, tasks completed on time, timesheets, current salaries and more to measure employee performance and generate pays scales for each employee, based on their efficiency and expertise.

Using HR Analytics as PayScale

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