Features of the CentraHubHCM

Following are the main features of the CentraHubHCM, making our Software unique and distinct from others

hr software features
time attendance worksheet

Making Time-Attendance Working Like a Clockwork in Your Office Space

Now bring your time and attendance systems integrated together on the cloud, effectively reducing burden of the routine work of your office space, and allows you to increase your focus on the people.

With our HRM software, do the following effectively:

  • Customize your Time and Attendance Sheets and Policies Effectively
  • Regularize the Time and Attendance
  • Schedule Shifts and Get Work Done Easily in Required Time
time attendance worksheet
Expenses Management Software

Effective Expenses Management Software

Increase productivity of the office tasks; invest confidently to meet the demands of the business, automate tasks, develop modern solution to increase capabilities of the business with best-business practices, and ensure every need of the finance department is completed by gaining more visibility through analytical capabilities with Expenses Management Software.

Employee Performance Management

Performance Management Software

With our Performance Management Software, increase your knowledge of your employee’s performance patterns, productivity and effectiveness with the technology of the Performance Management Software.

Now, easily track the work of the employees, analyze and evaluate your workers effectively with the help of Performance Management Software.

Employee Performance Management
Highly Comprehensive Appraisal Management

Highly Comprehensive Appraisal Management

With the assistance of our highly comprehensive Appraisal Management, elevate, evaluate and identify different facts of performance of our employees with our perfect appraisal module – bringing an array of factors in the workplace environment, helping to cover all aspects of the performance and quality of the work of the employees.

Attain these objectives with following:

  • Achieve the goals by assigning tasks to the employees in a constructive manner.
  • Bring unique sets of skills to the organization
  • With Employee’s Analytical Thinking, show competencies in the organization with the versatility.
Talent Management System - employee performance

Talent Management System; Integrated Software

An integrated software that effectively address the four pillars on which organization stand firmly; managing recruitment process of the organization in the most effective manner, performance management in a strategic manner, learning and development and compensation management in the greater manner.

With our Talent Management System, you can do the following:

  • Get acquainted with basic statistical analysis and terms
  • Enable yourself to interact and associate with data specialist in a constructive manner
  • Make your approaches unprejudiced, un-discriminated and rigor with our analytical models
  • Design and plan effective Analytics Initiatives with engagement, retention, and workforce planning and talent acquisition
Talent Management System - employee performance
Leave Management Software

Leave Management Software

Find an easy way for your HR to regulate, track and manage the leaves and absence of your employees with our efficient Leave Management Software.

With our Leave Management Software, get following:

  • Get good insights into your available work and schedule hours with our Leave Management Software
  • Get happy clients who are ensured about your scheduling and time credibility
  • Manage spreadsheets, clients, customers and job with 100% accuracy
  • Schedule the work hours and empower employees to log time efficiently
  • Regularize the attendance in an effective manner
Recruitment Software

Recruitment Software

Streamline your recruitment software with the help of our recruitment software, and gain the following benefits:

  • Determine and establish job vacanvcies through our recruitment software
  • Advertise the job vacancies directly with third party website
  • Get applicants directly linking our software with the third party job portal software
  • Identify the potential candidates from the pool of applicants with convenience
  • Shortlist, appoint, evaluate and send offer letter online
Recruitment Software
Effective employee performance planning

Effective Succession Planning

With our efficient CentraHRM software, track all the highly qualified candidates who can effectively fill the top-management positions once they are vacant – substitutes for these jobs are necessary for boosting up consistent growth, development and driving large profit of the organization.

Career Development/Goals Tracking

Career Development Goals and Methods of our CentraHRM Organization

Career management is a designed process in which goals, plans and strategies are implemented for enabling the employees to attain higher positions experience, greater insights into how work is carried out and strategies as to how plans are practically followed and attained – allowing the employees to attain goals of the organizations.

Career Development/Goals Tracking
employee effective benefits administration

Effective Benefits Administration

With our benefits administration, we employ and undertake all the methods for creating, updating and managing the benefits for the employees of organization – HR department deals with this in the most effective manner with the assistance of our the most effective and efficient HRM software.

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