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time attendance worksheet

Time Attendance Tracking

The automated time and attendance management system effectively reduces the workload of your HR team in manually updating employee log-in and log-out time, and allows them to increase focus on improving people management.

The advanced HR management system features help to:

  • Customize your time and attendance sheets and policies effectively
  • Regularize the time and attendance
  • Schedule shifts and get work done within a specified time
time attendance worksheet
Expenses Management Software

Expense Management

Simplify expense management and reimbursement processes with CentraHub HCM. The system allows you to consolidate all the expense data, maintain all records seamlessly, and generate unified expense reports to help you invest confidently in meeting your business demands while ensuring the finance department has complete visibility of all transactions.

Employee Performance Management

Performance Monitoring

Our performance management software helps you easily track the work done by the employees to analyze and evaluate your workers’ performance. It helps managers and leaders to gain complete of each employee’s contribution and allows them to identify the high-performing workforce for rewarding them appropriately.

Employee Performance Management
Highly Comprehensive Appraisal Management

Appraisal Management

With the assistance of our highly comprehensive appraisal management system, track, monitor, and elevate different aspects of employee performances, including time taken to complete a task and quality of the work done. The advanced employee management system features help you to:

  • Set goal for performance assessment
  • Analyze performance data for appropriate appraisal
  • Set up continuous feedback and coaching mechanism
Talent Management System - employee performance

Talent Management

Our integrated HR management software helps you attract, manage, select, appoint, acquire, pre-board, onboard, develop and retain the high-performing candidates for your organization. The system:

  • Effectively align your organizational goals with the individual goals of the employees through effective social learning and a proficient collaborative environment.
  • Empower your employees by providing them with a holistic view of their performance and enable them to develop their skills to work proficiently.
Talent Management System - employee performance
Leave Management Software

Leave Management

The advanced features of HR management software help you find an easy way for your HR team to regulate, track, and manage the leaves and absence of the employees. Implement the leave management software system to:

  • Regularize the attendance in an effective manner
  • Schedule the work hours according to the availability of employees
  • Manage employee spreadsheets and work hours with accuracy
  • Empowers managers to schedule shifts having 100% attendance
Recruitment Software

Recruitment and Onboarding

Streamline your recruitment processes with CentraHub HCM software. The cutting-edge HR management software features would help you recruit and onboard appropriate talents. The system allows you to:

  • Determine and establish job vacancies
  • Advertise the job vacancies directly on the third party website
  • Get applicants by directly linking our software with the third-party job portal
  • Identify the potential candidates from the pool of applicants with convenience
  • Shortlist, appoint, evaluate, and send offer letter online
Recruitment Software
Effective employee performance planning

Succession Planning

With CentraHub HCM’s succession planning tool, you can build competency-based talent pools for every department and critical job roles. The software system enables your HR department to keep track of highly qualified and efficient candidates as potential successors who can appropriately fit in the role once the positions are vacant. This ensures that your organization’s critical positions are never left empty and your business has the best skills for boosting up consistent growth and development.

Career Development/Goals Tracking

Career Development

Our HR management software includes designed processes in which goals, plans, and strategies can be pre-defined for enabling the employees to attain better skills, higher positions, and greater insights into how work is carried out. Your HR team can use the system to identify skill gaps and create relevant learning paths for individual employees and link their knowledge directly to their performance and career goals based on their skills, interests, and aspirations.

Career Development/Goals Tracking
employee effective benefits administration

Benefit Administration

With our benefits administration software, you can employ and undertake all the methods for creating, updating, and managing the benefits for the employees in your organization. The system allows your HR team to simplify and streamline your benefits enrolment process, improve employee communications, and provide guided administration. All these helps your employees to select the right plan they need. You are able to deploy and manage multiple benefits plans in a more agile and efficient way.

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