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Full-fledged employee management software on cloud


Integrated and smart payroll processes with automation


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Effective and meaningful digital training processes


Impartial performance and appraisals management


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Course Definitions

Bring a purpose and meaning to employee training and development through CentraHub HCM. Define courses strategically so that your workforce complements and aligns with your organizational goals.

Define multiple courses with varying programs to offer your employees a wide choice to upskill and enhance their capabilities. Leave no ambiguity while defining each course and clearly specify course parameters.

Training Recommendations

Obtain reliable training recommendations and consolidate all of them to come up with effective training programs for your employees. Define clear paths in the training process and ensure all employees (new and existing) could take courses that would translate into upskilling.
Use CentraHub HCM to prepare comprehensive employee training plans and integrate them with other programs in our powerful LMS (Learning Management System).

Planning and Scheduling

Plan and schedule the training programs on CentraHub HCM’s LMS (Learning Management System) and its simplified UI. Define courses, modules and upload the subject material in different formats such as PDFs, videos, presentations and more.

Our training management software enables you to plan all aspects of the training journey and gamify it to ensure maximum participation and enthusiastic response from your employees.

Training Request Management

Encourage employees to submit requests for training. Provide the desired training programs along with mandatory sessions to increase the training material’s consumption.

Monitor the progress of training post-request and ensure all the requirements are met to make the training effective.

Attendance Tracking

Record the training attendance without complications through an in-built employee training tracker. Gain valuable insights regarding the time spent on each module by individual employees. The insights would enable you to further modify and optimize the training modules for maximum consumption.

The attendance tracking software would also aid you in tracking the overall consumption of training modules across the organization. Know which courses and programs are desired more and which have lesser engagement.

Online Training and Exams

Equip yourself with robust tools for online training of employees, especially those working from home. Shift your entire training process on cloud to increase trackability and ease of access to training modules.

You could also conduct tests to measure the effectiveness of training and assess employees based on their individual responses.

Result Declaration

Gamify the whole test and evaluation process to create an environment of healthy competition. Assess, evaluate and declare the results after training tests to allow employees to gauge their knowledge and performance.

The gamification and competition would also result in a huge boost in employee morale, connectivity and loyalty towards the organization.

Return from Training

Provide employees with a hassle-free experience as they return from training to active duty. Ensure they are monitored and supported in the first few days to help them navigate the change.

Employees could be further trained if the initial training seems insufficient. The self-learning driven UI would make it easier for employees to access the training material on-the-go to better equip themselves.

Trainer and Employee Feedback

Use the smart forms built in the application to gather feedback from both trainers as well as employees so that the training could be further improved.

The automated feedback mechanism would ensure there is no discrimination between employees and trainers. It would also aid in increasing transparency throughout the training period.

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Juan Dorfling

Director, AIES

It is not a difficult system to learn. The quality of training that was provided for staff at head office was good and they now enjoying on the system.

Deborah Gay A. Dayrit

CEO, AZAM Holdings LLC

We also deployed CentraHub HCM to manage our HR operations. Together, with CRM and ERP these systems provide us efficiency and accuracy from within and the end-result is our smooth operations that satisfies our principals and end users.

Alan Sakr

GM, Consent Group

The CentraHub HCM software has given us a centralized view on your business and control everything we do.


Chairman, HADID International Services

We reviewed several products in the market and chose CentraHub because it has the same platform and could be seamlessly integrated with ERP and operations modules.