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ESS implementation

Full-Fledged Mobile-Ready ESS

CentraHub HCM provides you with a comprehensive employee self-service system where employees are authorized to access their details, history and payroll, and take actions such as self-declaration and other documentation related activities.

ESS implementation
Employee Retention Rates

Higher Retention Rates

By empowering your employees through HRMS employee self-service and providing them with transparency related to various important aspects, especially payroll, the retention rate would increase as they would trust the organization and its processes. It would also increase confidence among the employees regarding their bonuses, appraisals, score and position in the company.

Employees Authorization

Mobile-Ready ESS with Real-Time Data

CentraHub HCM’s employee self-service portal software could by accessed from any device, including mobile phones. It reflects data in real-time to ensure accuracy and transparency. The mobile-ready ESS also features options to apply for leaves and daily activities on-the-go, something which is vital for staff working in the field.

Employees Authorization
Employees Selfservice Portal

All Documents in One Place

With our employee self-service software, employees are enabled to view their respective information such as personal details, pay slips, official documents, professional letters, company forms, company policies, tax related information and detailed payroll inputs. All this is provided through an easily accessible UI.

Leaves Tracking

Simplified Leave Management

Employees can effectively manage their leaves balances, holidays, track their upcoming holidays and more from CentraHub HCM’s employee self-service system. The whole leave application is automated. For every application, an email would be triggered to the reporting manager who could approve or reflect the leave right from the email.

Leaves Tracking
ESS Help-Desk

Robust Help Desk

Our HRMS employee self-service portal would enable you to establish an employee help desk, admin help desk, account help desk and HR helpdesk. These help desks would prove invaluable in providing support to employees in various administrative activities such as approvals, transactions and more.

ESS for the Managers

Effortless Employee Management

The HR employee self-service software assists managers of each department in viewing the attendance, leaves and applied-leaves information of their respective teams on the ESS Portal. This simplifies employee management and reduces their burden of manually approving or tracking activities.

ESS for the Managers
HR Software

Go Paperless to Reduce Stress and Expenses

Going paperless would not only help you reduce expenses but would also help you attain mental clarity and reduce stress. A table cluttered with papers, files and contracts would always keep you on your toes. With a digital employee self-service system in place, you could automate reports, emails or other letters regarding leaves and attendance information – saving a lot of time, energy, money and effort.

ESS Rewards for the Organization

Improve Organization-Wide Proficiency in Communication

By deploying CentraHub HCM, your organization would improve communication, transparency, standardized and systematic processes, increase engagement and pave way for productive output of each employee and better turnaround times.

ESS Rewards for the Organization
ESS Portal - Easy Signup for Employee

Data Sync for Real-Time Changes

Our ESS Portal makes the input of information into the system very flexible, convenient and easy. For instance, if an employee has changed the address, the same could be modified by the employee, without having to bother the HR executives and engage in a prolonged process that could still be prone to errors.

employee payroll management

Let Employees be Heard

Gone are the days where employees had no voice and could not reach decision-making executives. Our ESS portal empowers your workforce by giving them a voice. Employees could connect with their reporting managers easily, get timely responses and stay focused on their goals.

employee payroll management
human resources tool

Eliminate Human Errors

As the HRMS employee self-service system takes over redundant activities and basic HR functions, the possibility of human error decreases significantly. The elimination of human error would save your company a lot of efforts and resources and make the staff more efficient.

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