Employee Self-Service

employee self service tool
ESS implementation

Implement ESS – Increase trust and credibility of your organization

ESS (Employee Self-Service) is similar to an employee portal where employees are authorized to gain access to their details, history and payroll, increasing their trust of the company and enhancing the credibility of the organization to a greater extent.

ESS implementation
Employee Retention Rates

Retention Rates Remain Higher

When employees can keep check of their payroll and records, employee retention remains higher for your organization, as employees are confident about their bonuses, payroll, score and position within your company.

Employees Authorization

Now Keep Employees Empowered and Authorized

Maintain a centralized system onto our cloud-based service system, keeping employees empowered and authorized of their own amenities, facilities and payroll, given to them by the company and supervised by them at their own pace.

Employees Authorization
Employees Selfservice Portal

Employees Portal: General Activities

You are enabled to view your own personal information personal details, pay slips, official documents, professional letters, company forms, company policies, tax –related information and detailed payroll inputs.

Leaves Tracking

Watch Your Leaves and Holidays on the Website

Employees can effectively watch their leaves balances, holidays, manage their leaves transactions – best part is that employees can view their team’s leave information on the website.

Leaves Tracking
ESS Help-Desk

Employee Self-Service Provides Effective Help-Desk

ESS Portal can also be used as Employee Help Desk, Employee Admin Help Desk, Account Help Desk and HR help Desk.

ESS for the Managers

ESS Portal is a Blessing for the Managers

Now, managers of the department can view the attendance, leaves and applied-leaves information on the ESS Portal, giving them effective information helping Managers in bringing time, scheduled work and discipline within the organization.

ESS for the Managers
HR Software

HR Goes Paperless, Becoming Most Efficient and Budget-Friendly

Because of the availability of the information on the website, HR does not have to keep on generating the reports, emails or other letters regarding leaves and attendance information – saving a lot of time, energy, money and effort.

ESS Rewards for the Organization

ESS Brings Endless Rewards for the Organization

Organization reaps numerous benefits from the ESS Portal including better communication system, transparency, standardized and systematic processes, increased engagement, supremely productive output of each employee and better turnaround times.

ESS Rewards for the Organization
ESS Portal - Easy Signup for Employee

ESS Portal: Change Info, Make Everything Flexible and Easy

ESS Portal makes input of the text and information into the system very flexible, convenient and hurried. If an employee has changed the address, the address information can be altered by the employee, taking off a burden from the shoulders of the HR team – other kinds of information may also be changed by the employee individual.

employee payroll management

“Middle Man” Times are Bygones

With the advent of the ESS Portal, those times are gone when middle man spoke on the behalf of the employee. Nowadays, small or big companies, hearing voice of every other individual had become a hectic process under so much workload – so employees make themselves heard, responded and effectively remedied through the ESS Portal.

employee payroll management
human resources tool

Error’s Reduction Noticed - at Large Scale

Human error is possible during input of the data manually. Since ESS Portal has replaced some of HR duties and responsibilities, zero errors are made by the system, keeping everything working finely and dexterously

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