Employee Database Software

Now, manage the entire Voluminous Database for Your Employees in one centralized, organized and safe HR database.

Employee Database Software
Employee Data Expert

Now Become an Employee Data Expert

Thanks to the CentraHub, tracking and managing voluminous employee database could never be easier and a single-person task. Just, press those keys on the Employee Database Portal and see the magic happening on your screens.

Employee Data Expert
advanced search on employee database portal

Search and Attain All Kinds of Data in the Employee Database Portal

Now, it is no more difficult to search personal data, payments data or any of the customized category data – no more wasting your labour hours into finding key information. Access all kinds of data in your centralized Employee Database Software, accessible from anywhere.

Organize and Arrange Your Data in Professionally

Organize and Arrange Your Data in Professional Manner

CentraHUB Employee Database Software takes the data from your scattered spreadsheets, paper files, preparing you an organized, arranged and centralized data at your fingertips – making data retrieval the most convenient task for you.

Organize and Arrange Your Data in Professionally
A User-Friendly Interface

A User-Friendly Interface: Learning Was Never Easier

Learning of the interface of the Employee Database Portal is no more a heavy and complicated task. In one or two sittings, you can learn the easier, user-friendly and simple interface of the Employee Database Portal.

avoid double-entry errors

Make Double-Entry Errors No More

Everyone is vulnerable to mistakes, so are you. Retrieving and writing data in more than one place, such as spreadsheets, individual documents and scribbled sticky notes.

Bring an effective end to the double-entry data errors, raising your accuracy, precision and exactness in your field work.

avoid double-entry errors
Be active on Multiple Updates

Get Yourself Freed From Multiple Updates

Change is constant, even in the spreadsheets and individual documents. You have to make the required changes, whenever you attain that one more file from the HR head in the main spreadsheets, and then other software. Isn’t that a tiring work?

Now, work with our centralized Employee Database Software that is integrated with other software, making multiple updates a task of few seconds, never having to second-check your accuracy again.

provide self-service data

Provide Self-Service Data without Any Trouble

Giving Self-Service Employee Portal is the norm of the day – if your organization does not have it, you are outdated.

But, how to control the view of sensitive information of employee? Now, effectively customize Self-Service Data gives you the opportunity to limit the access of the data to the employee while simultaneously giving them the access to their limited personal information possible.

provide self-service data
time saving, advance security with Employee Database Software

Save Your Time, Cost-Burden and Increase Security with Employee Database Software

The capabilities, provided to your by the Employee Database Software, reduces the massive time spent on the data entries, lessening the cost burden of keeping up the employee record history and also preserving the security of your data in the most effective manner.

Customize employee data fields

Customize the Field to Track Any Kind of Data

We are aware that your company is just amazing – you might need to gift new cups, pens, office equipment or music cassettes to the employees.

How to do it without any hurry or mistake?

Now, you can send the data to a third party to get all the gifts ready with our Employees Database Portal.

Customize employee data fields

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