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Employee Data Expert

Employee Data on your Fingertips

CentraHub HCM’s employee database management system enables you to access, track and manage voluminous employee data with ease and simplicity. Instead of asking a whole team to gather employee data, you could get it through a click of a button.

Employee Data Expert
advanced search on employee database portal

Use Filters to Find the Information you Need

No more sifting around a huge trove of data or poring over spreadsheets to locate key information. Use our employee database management software to filter and find the desired information. The centralized database would make it easy to update information and avoid duplications.

Organize and Arrange Your Data in Professionally

Organized Data for Structured Information

CentraHub HCM’s HR employee database software stores data in an organized manner so that information is structured and not scattered around the application. It unifies all data on a single, unified platform, making its retrieval easier and quicker, while also ensuring data safety.

Organize and Arrange Your Data in Professionally
A User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you would be able to navigate the employee database software without complications. The simplified UI also allows you to customize and tailor the application to your needs, without dependence on IT staff.

avoid double-entry errors

Prevent Data Duplication and Data Silos

The centralized database of our employee database software ensures that data is not duplicated and each update is reflected across all modules and integrated applications. It also prevents the formation of data silos, avoiding future data complications.

avoid double-entry errors
Be active on Multiple Updates

Digitalize Documentation

Say goodbye to manual paperwork, paper sheets, hard copies of contracts and more by digitalizing all documents to make them accessible throughout the organization with the best employee database software. The digitalization would make processes faster and increase efficiency on all levels.

provide self-service data

Empower Employees with Authorized ESS Access

Enable employees to access the ESS portal through our employee database management system so that they could update their information, apply for leaves, check their time sheets and so on, without bothering the HR executives. You could control the level of access and provide information on need-to basis.

provide self-service data
time saving, advance security with Employee Database Software

Secure Platform for Data Safety

Apart from eliminating the chances of data breach by providing a robust security framework, CentraHub HCM would also ensure that lesser number of staff is required to maintain data, reducing the chance of data leak through human error.

Customize employee data fields

360-Degree Reporting

Attain a 360-degree view across your organization through customizable dashboards with info-panels of your choosing. You could tailor the dashboard to have your desired information right on the screen whenever you login on the application.

Customize employee data fields

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