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Compact Appraisal Management Software

Manual tracking of performance information can go wrong, directly impacting the employee appraisal and productivity. Our all-inclusive employee appraisal system software includes various advanced features that make performance tracking accurate and easy. Data stored in it can be used by your HR department to set goals, plan development, and appraise employees appropriately.

automated employee skills tracking

Access to Historical Data

CentraHub HCM software allows managers and administrators to access previous appraisal data of each employee including their salary and increments history, achievements, skillset, training, education and qualification details, manager notes, vacation and time-offs, and reward records. A well-informed supervisor makes better appraisal decisions.

automated employee skills tracking
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360-Degree Feedback

Our 360-degree appraisal software ensures that the best feedback reaches your HR department on time. This system provides options to get employee performance reviews from the chosen peers and managers. This data can be used by your HR team to quickly gather insights about each employee for unbiased rewarding and appraisal.

Save Your Time Every Step of the Work - Appraisal Management

Real-Time Productivity Analysis

Your employees work on multiple projects in a given year. So, in order to know who deserves to be rewarded, you need to have an efficient mechanism to keep records of your employee performance in different projects. With CentraHub HCM’s appraisal management tool, real-time productivity analysis of your team becomes simple, giving the reviewers better insight into the employees’ skills and performance.

Save Your Time Every Step of the Work - Appraisal Management
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Built-In Reports

Our employee appraisal software helps you to achieve the information you need. The system stores accurate employee performance data and allows you to use advanced filters to generate personalized reports for an individual employee or team for defined tenure or project. Further, these reports can be delivered on customized schedules to as many email addresses as you like.

Forget the Pen, Paper - Lesser with Appraisal Management Software

Multiple Appraisal Plans

Our 360-appraisal software enables you to define and set up multiple appraisal plans based on the project, designation, and other parameters. These plans can be for multiple time frames such as mid-term, annual, and confirmation. The system also allows you to create each appraisal plan with a unique combination of workflow, reminder, forms, scoring, and validity rules.

Forget the Pen, Paper - Lesser with Appraisal Management Software
Retyping Hassles No More

Reward Your Star Performers

Keeping track of employee performance is challenging, especially when you have staff with various skillsets, experience levels, and designations working in your organization. However, the process becomes simpler with our performance management and appraisal software. The system not only keeps records of everyone’s performance, but it also helps you identify the best performers and reward them.

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Set Goals to Achieve

When your employees know their goals, it becomes easier for them to work towards achieving them. This helps them to remain motivated individuals and your organization performs its best. With CentraHub HCM, admins or managers can set goals for the employees and track their progress.

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Employee Training

Ease of Use

Our performance appraisal software has a customizable and configurable framework that makes the cumbersome and tedious task of employee appraisal stress-free and efficient. It frees up the HR team and managers’ time invested in the employee appraisal process by quickly delivering prompt and spot-on reviews.

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Automated Reminders

CentraHub HCM software has the most advanced features for efficiently managing the unbiased employee appraisal process. The system includes reminders and automated notifications that ensure you never miss out on any important task while conducting any appraisal.

Organize the Office Work with Efficiency

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