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automated applicant tracking feature

Automated Applicant Tracking System

Process thousands of applications and automate screening with CentraHub HCM’s advanced applicant tracking software. Do away with manual application processes, gain access to a full-fledged ATS and use algorithms to identify, locate and search for potential candidates from a vast pool of applications.

automated applicant tracking feature
effective applicant tracking

Sort Resumes with Keywords

As one of the best applicant tracking software, CentraHub HCM filters keywords so that resumes and applications could be sorted according to the requirement of the hiring manager. This helps in finding the most distinct and the qualified candidates without poring over resumes manually.

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Go Paperless and Work Digitally

Is your desk filled with resumes, applications, contracts and other paper documents? Do away with the clutter by going digital with CentraHub HCM’s applicant tracking software (ATS). Our application would not only provide you with much needed mental peace but would also simplify the hiring process and ensure data security.

applicant-tracker - hr software
Centralized System for ATS

Centralized Database

CentraHub HCM provides you with a centralized database to track all the applicants with a single point of access to multiple actions such as calendar, email, internal messaging system, etc. This effectively reduces the time spent on switching from one application to another, streamlining entire process very efficiently.

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Cover all Stages of Recruitment

CentraHub HCM’s ATS (applicant tracking system) covers all stages of recruitment, right from establishing a job vacancy to onboarding. The software would help you in finding the candidates, specifying job requirements, reviewing job applications, shortlisting and selecting right candidates from thousands of applicants.

applicant tracking system - employee onboarding
Hire In the Least Amount of Time Possible

Reduce Time Required in the Hiring Process

By automating the redundant processes in hiring, our applicant tracking system (ATS software) would significantly reduce the time taken in hiring new employees and onboarding them. This would positively impact operations and reduce chances of work getting affected due to understaffing.

Recruitment Efforts makes easier

Coordinated and Collaborative Recruitment Efforts

Recruiters, hiring managers and other hiring team members of the company may have varying opinions. Motivations and scheduling of the recruitment experiences may be divergent. Therefore, our recruiting software and applicant tracking system (ATS) provides everyone with access to all information regarding the recruitment process, encouraging a collaborative and coordinated environment.

Recruitment Efforts makes easier
applicant tracking software - easy accessible

Easy to Access and Secure Data

CentraHub HCM provides users with easy and quick access to data while also ensuring its security. You could define authorizations and varying levels to provide users with information they need, without compromising on data security. The recruitment dashboard screens include information of employee details from first round to the selection, which could be reviewed by all hiring managers, recruiters and CEO.

Simplified Integration with HR

Integration Capabilities

Apart from allowing you to integrate the system with third-party applications, CentraHub HCM also ensures data is synchronized seamlessly in real time. This would help managers in taking quick decisions, based on accurate and latest data.

Simplified Integration with HR
Enhanced and Improved Applicant System

Simplified Applicant Registration

By providing an easy-to-use applicant registration system, you would be improving your organization’s image among the candidates and building a higher level of trust with them. A robust applicant registration system would make your company appear more authentic, increasing the chances of attracting good talent.

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