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About Us

CentraHub is an award-winning provider of state-of-the art business applications to manage business operations across all units and departments. In CRM and HCM solutions that are suitable for all organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Founded in 2002, CentraHub has been at the forefront of digitally transforming sales, marketing and service processes for its clients and enabling them with robust HR management software. At CentraHub, we firmly believe in providing our clients with solutions that suit their unique needs and specific requirements. With a presence in 28 countries, we support business organizations in Information Technology (IT), Real Estate, Automobile, Education, Retail, Distribution, and many other crucial sectors.

CentraHub HCM is the primary HRMS offering by CentraHub. It is an automated and fully customizable application for workforce, HR and payroll management, combining the functionalities of all areas of human resource management in a single, quickly deployable application.

CentraHub HCM has become the software of choice for enterprises and SMEs alike, across all major industries as it simplifies the whole process of workforce management, reporting and payroll disbursement along with other administrative tasks.

We aim to become industry leaders by helping our clients achieve complete digital transformation by empowering them with our smart and secure solutions.

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